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SHANTHI ASANA (Supine ralaxation pose)

Posted by srilavanya Saturday, May 22, 2010

SHANTHI ASANA (Supine Relaxation pose):

  1. Lie supine on the ground with hands and feet apart. Slightly stretch the body and allow the whole body to relax completely with eyes gently closed. Become aware of different parts of the body staring from toes to head.
  2. Feel the spread of relaxation in all parts of the body progressively.
  1. With regular and long practice, the (relaxation) will become deeper and deeper, then you will feel very natural spontaneous and also happy to relax in shantiasana. In this asana the whole body gets relaxed to the extent that even one forgets the body itself. The mind also experiences an attentive rest. Hence it is good for both physical and mental relaxation.
  1. Slowly inhale and your abdomen should bulge and slowly exhale your abdomen should sink inside.
  1. This practice will make you more aware and relaxed.
  1. Continue for at least 10 breathing and this can also be extended up to 10 minutes.

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