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Posted by srilavanya Friday, May 21, 2010

PADMASANA (Lotus pose):

  1. Sit in Dan asana.
  2. Draw the right leg along the ground and bend the knee.
  3. Place the right foot on the left thigh near the left groin.
  4. In the same way bring the left foot on the right thing near the right groin.
  5. The soles of both the feet are turned upwards with the heels almost meeting each other in front of the pelvic bones.
  6. Sit erect with hands on things.
  7. Maintain the posture for a minute and then release the legs and do it on the opposite legs.


It makes the mind steady; it also helps to improve your concentration power and also enhances the power of decision-making. It massages the nerves and also improves the blood circulation in abdomen and pelvic regions.

It is a good pose for pranayama and meditation.


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